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Vortex Dancing – Conclamo
Patriote 3 – Loser SuperHero
Coco De Elevador – Chico Correa Electronic band

Jedi Arkadyi – Younnat
2 Daybreakfastballadvertigo – Turner of Wheel
European – Toby1

vigilante dub – Jahtari Riddim Force
Project of science – John Tennent
Latatoo (Tao Calm Mix) – Latatoo

Fond Memories – Kd Expression

Enjoy x


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With hangovers stubbornly intact from an evening at the Gregson we set off on a head clearing wander along the banks of the River Lune. It was Saturday and so Lancaster City were playing against Wakefield FC at the Giant Axe (a game the Dolly Blues triumphed 1-0 in.)

Walking past the ground and under the railway takes you to the bottom of Castle Hill (where, for every step there’s a local boy who wants to be your hero, according to Belle and Sebastian) and a rather spooky grave…

The beauty of Lancaster centre is well illustrated by the view up toward the Priory – It’s hard to believe that this is a city centre location, as opposed to some ruryl idyll.

Moving on through the parkland past a strange site of two fully grown, rather portly men in full (rather dated) football kit, knocking a football between them, we come to the river and the former customs house, which is now a museum of Maritime stuff

The river here is quiet – There’s the excellent Wagon and Horses pub and some rather dull redevolopment but these incredably colourful flowers caught my eye.

Walking a bit further takes you toward the city centre proper and past the millenium bridge and the old Glasson Dock / dockside rail line bridge both of which are part of cycle tracks.

At one time, Lancaster was the UK’s 3rd biggest slave port (behind only Bristol and Liverpool) and a monument to the shameful past stands quayside. It’s a little hard to make out what exactly it’s supposed to be but the sentiment is fair enough.

At this point my hangover was getting to a pretty horrible peak so healthy refreshment was sought.

Imbued with the goodness of berries and stuff, we marched onwards – taking note of the handy reminder of what river we were on.

Lancaster does have some grotty looking bits to it – This underpass doesn’t quite fit in with the otherwise lovely riverside developments.

and the razor wire protecting the ‘Duke of Lancaster Regiment’ from joggers and dog walkers isn’t too pretty either.

Neither was this thing I found on the side of the river – I have absolutely no idea what it is – If anyone else does I’d be interested – It was just stuck there, entirely on it’s own on the edge of the river.

All that remained now, was too wander back – Past the ever intriguing site of a large warehouse with its door wide open.

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A very short but very sweet review of this long and of course, bitter album (It’s yer man Aesop after all!) What can I say? – Well – This is an awesome album, full stop. It grooves, it swings, it’s rough, it’s smooth, it bites and it tickles your funny bone – Who can hold a candle to this guy really? Clearly more work has gone into the backing than on yer average hip hop record and if you stripped away Mr Rock, you’d still have an engaging record.

The opening glam rock build up of Keep off the Lawn soon becomes a edgy funk beat, with squelching keyboards/guitars spiralling around death tinged poetry. Title track none shall pass is a sort of disco meets DJ Sammi, Aesop’s voice making the experience like being surrounded a mad swarm of bees playing a Royksopp record slightly too fast. Which is, let me tell you, a very good thing.

Bring Back Pluto is tinged with a Buck 65 vibe, slide guitar and loose basslines, Citronella feels like Jazz played by men in wierd Art Rock Masks – I could go on about the different tracks, but for the sake of brevity, let me say that it’s a smooth jorney on a nightmare train, tracks and influences segueing together with seamless authority – As for the lyrics, yer man is on form as usual, but in a more observant manner – Less deconstruction of the self, more songs about places and other people and lots of yer normal insane visual eloquence. “Artificial Einstein, rising out the tenement”

It’s bleak smoke tinged grin to the future, a paen to some kind of science fiction near past, it’s psychobabble that bubbles under your skin. It’s fuckin awesome!!!

In short, just buy it

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Track Listing

Baroque Dub – Majestic
Dr Frankenstein – Cerobro
DJ Summer – Asia

My Awesome Mixtape – Ode to Poetry
Winnie the Shit – Sink in
Psilodump – Winds (Snabber mix)

Colophon – Big 5
The Get – Weepo
Atarix – Reebo Speeking

Dub Jay – Salvaging
Asymptote – Sions Watchtower
Monstors from Mars – Coated in Oil

Boots+Sox – Just a Quick One
Terroreextase – 2
Pleideslo – Malcolm Henry

Rialdo – Ramplin

Music sourced from www.archive.org and www.soundclick.com

Enjoy x

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Another Internet Archive find for you here – An insane and rather bizarre mix of acid tinged oddness that is both scary and sweetly humourous.

Download the whole thing here

Find more stuff on the Monotonik label here

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Found this while trawling the depths of the internet and am enjoying it muchly. It’s dubstep, but has a kind of breakbeat meats house kind of vibe at the same time. It’s fairly inventive and for a net release is really quite exceptional. Sign him up someone!

Download zip file of whole album here.

Find more releases from Kikapu Records here

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New Fish Radio Show


A one off show, looking back at the best unsigned music discovered so far by Fish Radio’s vast team of researchers.


Rev Porl – Uberwretch
Gnom from Gwada – Jou la yo pran Blackman
Slipvin – No Remorse

Arc Generator – Munich Blue
Ding Chavez – What’s the difference between this place?
Big Block 454 – I name this child Acker Bilk

Nick Smythe – Macon Jones
Sansarc – Every night is a new opportunity to run
Qualofil – Dots Obsession

Monkey grinder – Shanty Town

Download here 

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