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Includes some local bands alongside an exotic range of international talent – visit the density of sound podcast page for more details and download links


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As usual they feature the best unsigned and eclectic music we could find, yer usual mix of dubstep folk, world music, idm, drones and alsorts more.



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God is in the TV apparantly – I thought it was tubes and that, but I’m clearly wrong – It does make me wonder how he/she/it can squeeze in those new flat screen models but then again the whole god thing is a bit of a mystery anyway and perhaps I’m wandering from the topic rather.

The point in question is that the aforementioned site have started a rather nifty idea – an online singles club, where you can get mp3s in return for registering with the site. This month’s freebie is by Time.Space.Repeat and if I’m honest about it, I don’t like it all – but hey! – you might!, cos the beauty of life is we all like different things – For example, let’s imagine I’m very keen on talking about the early days of organised sport and you like learning spanish. – That’s fine, we don’t need to draw guns on each other now do we?

So, head off to GodisintheTVzine and register to get yerself some lovely freebie downloadable things.

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A new show for a new era – Fish radio is no more but fear not, your podcast treat has just got a whole lot sweeter with a new name and er… not much else. This show is crammed full of ambiance, drum and bass, idm, dub, folk, drones, and a whole lot more. All legal, all free and all gloriously unheard.

Download mp3 here


Echo TM – Dub Culture (Afterbeat)
Rumpistol – Plutonium 2 (YUKI YAKI)
Red Unit – Crowd (Quiet Lounge)

Antanas Jasenka – 69 Steps (Format Noise)
Yarkouy – Hard to Believe (Fresh Poulp)
Transfolmer – White (2063 Music)

Eric Thompson – The Wreck of the Old Southern 97
Jump at the sun – The Dongas tribe and Friends (‘Rainy Night in the Bell tent’)
4/2/04-14/1/04 – Children of the Drone

Defrag – Crack n Bass (Stratospherik)
Xerak – Pixel Jazz (Dahearditrecords)
This Mess is Mine – Roommates (Aerotone)

Electrical Spectacle – Sweater Girls (Backporch Revolution)

Enjoy x

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Everyone’s favourite internet forum ‘The Coolest Thing Ever’ has moved to a new host, allowing more functionality, better polls and er, stuff. We’re always on the look out for new contributors to the radio station and photography forums and still looking to answer the eternal question of ‘what is the coolest thing ever?’

So, if you fancy sharing some tunes, listening to some new music, showing off your DJ skills, nattering about photography, film, TV, surfing a load of links to random cool stuff to do and see on the internet or just posting what your top ten things begining with the letter J are, then you need to head straight to


You’ll have to register, but you’ll be on the forum in no time at all.

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