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I really like two thirds of this record – I really like the incredibly disturbing circuit howling that comes towards the end of track 5 . I adore the tight as barbed wire Electrolyte which flashes and pops rawness while rusted corrugated iron and arabesque guitar lines battle for your attention. The rhymic stabs are reminiscant of the best of early PiL which to me is high praise. I like the bleak opening track which fools you into expecting an explosion (in the sky, so to speak) but heads off down a stark disco route instead. I like the rhythmic minimalism of some of the more krautrocking sections, journeys that do seem to go somewhere, driving through intermanable chemical factories towards a unamed destination which you discover is a verdant forest that hides a huge cathedral. I like the big grunge chords over some wierd electronic penny whistle that appears half way through the album. I like the way the whole thing flows as a continuous piece. I am impressed as to the fact that two people can summon such diversity and richness. I think I am clear in saying, there is plenty to like.

I don’t like some of the more expansive guitar work and some of the more droney sections could be a bit more, well, ‘droney.’ – It’s not to say that Daniel Vincent and Dominic Hemy don’t conjure up some big fucking squalls of darkness, cos they do, but a few sections could feel a bit more, er, organic. I’d like to think with a few more field recordings and a little less axe magic, this could be a sledgehammer of an album. All in all though, if your head’s full of dark clouds and lets face it, who in their right mind hasn’t got such a build up of cranial interferance, switch of the lights and plug in your headphones to take a trip through half built pre packed grey box factories in a car on autopilot.

Have a listen

Resonance Association Homepage

BUY the album from Burning Shed Records

Some free tracks on LAST FM here.

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Includes some local bands alongside an exotic range of international talent – visit the density of sound podcast page for more details and download links

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As usual they feature the best unsigned and eclectic music we could find, yer usual mix of dubstep folk, world music, idm, drones and alsorts more.



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God is in the TV apparantly – I thought it was tubes and that, but I’m clearly wrong – It does make me wonder how he/she/it can squeeze in those new flat screen models but then again the whole god thing is a bit of a mystery anyway and perhaps I’m wandering from the topic rather.

The point in question is that the aforementioned site have started a rather nifty idea – an online singles club, where you can get mp3s in return for registering with the site. This month’s freebie is by Time.Space.Repeat and if I’m honest about it, I don’t like it all – but hey! – you might!, cos the beauty of life is we all like different things – For example, let’s imagine I’m very keen on talking about the early days of organised sport and you like learning spanish. – That’s fine, we don’t need to draw guns on each other now do we?

So, head off to GodisintheTVzine and register to get yerself some lovely freebie downloadable things.

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[audio http://tangerinebreem.podomatic.com/enclosure/2007-09-23T15_15_40-07_00.mp3]



Vortex Dancing – Conclamo
Patriote 3 – Loser SuperHero
Coco De Elevador – Chico Correa Electronic band

Jedi Arkadyi – Younnat
2 Daybreakfastballadvertigo – Turner of Wheel
European – Toby1

vigilante dub – Jahtari Riddim Force
Project of science – John Tennent
Latatoo (Tao Calm Mix) – Latatoo

Fond Memories – Kd Expression

Enjoy x

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Track Listing

Baroque Dub – Majestic
Dr Frankenstein – Cerobro
DJ Summer – Asia

My Awesome Mixtape – Ode to Poetry
Winnie the Shit – Sink in
Psilodump – Winds (Snabber mix)

Colophon – Big 5
The Get – Weepo
Atarix – Reebo Speeking

Dub Jay – Salvaging
Asymptote – Sions Watchtower
Monstors from Mars – Coated in Oil

Boots+Sox – Just a Quick One
Terroreextase – 2
Pleideslo – Malcolm Henry

Rialdo – Ramplin

Music sourced from www.archive.org and www.soundclick.com

Enjoy x

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