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First time for ages at the excellent LAWM with a multi faceted 5 act line up. We arrived to late to see the uniquely talented Kriss Foster but were happily not too late for the buccaneering spirit of One Chip Potato.

(click to visit OCP homepage)

OCP as all the cool cats in the alley call them are a curious machine, all sea shanty rhythm and soaring vocals from their curiously contrasting twin vocalists, she all cool-ice and he the very definition of the word intensity. Sadly, this time the fiddle which creates the real sparks arround their sound was not working but never the less they soldiered on. I highly recomend this band to anyone with a sense of the epic and odd. Think Jeff Buckley singing Nick Cave songs with Kid Carpets instruments. Yay.

Then we went outside and missed the other two bands… Well, actually we saw a bit of Kate Goes, which lurched somewhere in between vomit inducing uber twee and deceptively clever sweet melody depending on whether you you like either sort of thing. I dunno. There is a line and I didn’t see enough to comment but my compadre had had enough after two songs….

(click the pic to make your own mind up about Kate Goes)

Then finally, the big one! – On the verge of the release of new album, ‘Funny times’ Misty’s Big Adventure had created a sell out at the Yorkshire House and set opener Long Conveyer Belt created the tone for a superb set, driving military beats and saxophonic twirlyness underscored by playful clinks, pings and beepyness, a song that on the one hand threw arround vibrant primary poster paint colours yet on the other reminded us that in it’s duration we’d moved three and a half minutes towards death. Therein lies the genius of the evening and the band. They seem to distill their thoughts on big concepts into a form that seems genuinely inventive, ever changing and yet somehow always the same.

Having not seen the Misty’s for years I was struck by the brilliance of their storytelling and the intelligence of the deceptively simple lyrics. They seem to have really grown into a band as opposed to Gareth and some musicians which was how I percieved them when I last saw them. Psychedilia, Ska, Funk, Lounge, are words that are frequently applied to said band, but unlike much labling by journo’s they really do fit. Then you have the glorious Erotic Volvo, a man in a suit that looks like a volcano covered in rubber glove who actually achieves the incredible feat of making utter sense.

This is a band that manage simultaniously to be a spectacle, a curiosity, to communicate something utterly genuine, to make you dance and smile and for it to appear utterly unaffected and natural. Snow Patrol and their other friends of the bland age achieve none of that and have millions of your pounds. Misty’s Big Adventure should be national treasures. Fuck it, they are. Celebrate them. They are utterly brilliant.


Misty’s Big Adventure

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It seems that 7-11 retail middleweights ‘Spar’ have abandoned the traditional Ashworths butter pie in favour of Greenhalghs. Whilst there can be no doubt that the new suppliers have a superior website aesthetically, I am sorry to say their product is inferior. Also, at least Ashworths are willing to admit they make a butter pie on theirs.

Contact Spar here if you are as concerned as I am about the matter.

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Just a little podcast I found with a half interesting selection of tunes

Here’s the url to subscribe, though I don’t think he’s done any more since!!!

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 <— The enemy.

Ok, so y’know, Mr Peel is gone and that’s sad but it’s happened and things go on but sweet jesus and the orphans, Radio One, what have you done? This man is a pathetic pseudo credible imbecile who false laughs at listener’s texts, spends half his show telling you how good the last show was and has a range of tastes about as broad as a matchstick. He makes me want to corruscate his fingertips with some sort of rusty file every time he false salivates over a crappy no-mark nme band.

You can here the Pavlov’s dog’s scenario, Radio One ring the big cash bell and Colin
dribbles all over what ever the marketing team have told him will push the right 
demographic  buttons this week. On that note, Stewart Lee, (himself a former Radio 
One dj – click here for mp3’s of old Lee and Herring shows from ‘back in the day’) put things thus “Now that John Peel has died, there is no national radio show that doesn’t feel like it’s been targeted towards a demographic – to its detriment.
Never a more true phrase spoken I think – What to do is the question? Should we as a group bombard Colin Murray’s shows with endless requests for obscure and ‘off topic’ songs that he’ll never have heard of, complain to Radio One, or simply turn our backs all together on the ‘nations favourite radio station?’ Does the internet, with it’s access to the likes of Resonance FM or personalised music players such as Last FM make Colin Murray an irrelavence? Well, yes, and no, because for people like me, who truly love radio, who, even in the digital age, actually and really grew up with the stereotypical transistor radio under the pillow, we deserve something better,
we deserve something that is unpredictable,sometimes bizzare,
occaisionaly sublime and most of all, not false and cynical. Because, we’d listen, because we always have. And right now, we’re not.

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