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Yesterday I went to Leeds – I took a few photo’s which on the whole didn’t come out as excitingly as I’d hoped, but anyhows, here they are anyway.

The market is lovely – A real old fashioned proper northern market building, it’s been really well looked after as well.

I was impressed by the ornate dragons. I wonder why dragons though? I don’t know that much about Leeds but I wasn’t aware of dragons being part of it’s iconography.

Flowers at the market

West Riding House, which for some reason I quite liked in an imposing bleak functional kind of way.

Obligatory busker shot.

Fountain in front of a big building on a vast square that when it snowed was quite reminiscant of Moscow but also wierdly empty all day. It was the nicest bit of leeds that we walked through but no-one was there. Odd.

Gold clock on aforementioned big building. I liked this. I bet it’s not real gold though. Cynic that I am.

Rubbish picture of the snow. It was too cold to alter my shutter speed so I only got crap pictures of the snow, though I assured my southern travveling companion that it does of course, always snow in Yorkshire.

The bottom bit of the building is a coffee rebublic or something, but the top bit looked stunning in a red brick against blue sky kind of way. So I took a picture of it. Here it is. I like red brick.

Quite liked this – It’s actually the back of poundland, but looks suitably moody and interesting with a bit of light tweaking.

So there we go – I was a bit disapointed with Leeds really, it’s been years since I’ve been and it’s been hyped up by the sunday papers and style supplements but it felt a bit bleak and windy and seemed to lack a cultural heart to it – there are some cracking record shops and stuff but it’s all spread about from what I could see. The northern quarter in Manchester or somewhere like that is far more contained and thus no matter when you go it feels like something is going on, whereas, for an outsider like me, I didn’t really get much of a vibe from Leeds.

We did nip in Harvey Nicks – which made me feel physically ill and I couldn’t help thinking that maybe Leeds has the most shoe shops in the whole world. As a city, it seemed like a good place to go if you want a credit card splurge and to live out some kind of horrible Sex and the City style shopping fantasy but if you are after something more, well, interesting then I don’t know if you’d find it.

    Please don’t read me as slagging the place off – If I am missing out on somewhere great then let me know!

– use the comment box to tell me and next time I go, i’ll have a better time.


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