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With hangovers stubbornly intact from an evening at the Gregson we set off on a head clearing wander along the banks of the River Lune. It was Saturday and so Lancaster City were playing against Wakefield FC at the Giant Axe (a game the Dolly Blues triumphed 1-0 in.)

Walking past the ground and under the railway takes you to the bottom of Castle Hill (where, for every step there’s a local boy who wants to be your hero, according to Belle and Sebastian) and a rather spooky grave…

The beauty of Lancaster centre is well illustrated by the view up toward the Priory – It’s hard to believe that this is a city centre location, as opposed to some ruryl idyll.

Moving on through the parkland past a strange site of two fully grown, rather portly men in full (rather dated) football kit, knocking a football between them, we come to the river and the former customs house, which is now a museum of Maritime stuff

The river here is quiet – There’s the excellent Wagon and Horses pub and some rather dull redevolopment but these incredably colourful flowers caught my eye.

Walking a bit further takes you toward the city centre proper and past the millenium bridge and the old Glasson Dock / dockside rail line bridge both of which are part of cycle tracks.

At one time, Lancaster was the UK’s 3rd biggest slave port (behind only Bristol and Liverpool) and a monument to the shameful past stands quayside. It’s a little hard to make out what exactly it’s supposed to be but the sentiment is fair enough.

At this point my hangover was getting to a pretty horrible peak so healthy refreshment was sought.

Imbued with the goodness of berries and stuff, we marched onwards – taking note of the handy reminder of what river we were on.

Lancaster does have some grotty looking bits to it – This underpass doesn’t quite fit in with the otherwise lovely riverside developments.

and the razor wire protecting the ‘Duke of Lancaster Regiment’ from joggers and dog walkers isn’t too pretty either.

Neither was this thing I found on the side of the river – I have absolutely no idea what it is – If anyone else does I’d be interested – It was just stuck there, entirely on it’s own on the edge of the river.

All that remained now, was too wander back – Past the ever intriguing site of a large warehouse with its door wide open.


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